As Covid restrictions loosen and Summer is just ahead, the SC Starlight Dance Club is pleased to announce the addition of a Summer Solstice social dance on Saturday, June 19, 2021. The dance will be the last we hold in the Activity Center Auditorium until the renovation project is completed. Dancing to Club provided music will begin at 6 PM and end at 8. The Club will provide pop, water, ice and cups. This will be a BYOB and snacks affair. This dance is open to all Club members at no charge. Non-members may attend as a member’s guest and will be encouraged to become Club members with our minimal dues payment.


The Board is looking forward to all the members attending and enjoying getting together and dancing. The Club has made continuing plans that allow current activities, dances-classes-practice sessions, to continue while the Activity Center renovation takes place.


Talk to your friends and neighbors. Let’s work together to build membership and participation as we look ahead to more active days.




The SC Starlight Dance Club Board has met and has voted to accept the results of the 2021 election for Board members based on the results tallied on May 26, 2021.


The candidates for open positions, Beth Allen for President and Bill Bable for Treasurer, were unanimously voted into those positions. Their term will run from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023.


On July 1, 2021, the SC Starlight Board makeup will be:

Beth Allen, President

Leo Belardinelli, Vice President

Nancy Trumble, Secretary

Bill Bable, Treasurer

Helen Smith, Member-at-Large






SC Starlight Dance Club is continuing its offering of Wednesday ballroom dance classes. An upcoming 3-week session in Foxtrot and Rumba is open for registration now. Sessions will be on Wednesdays, June 16th, 23rd and 30th, in the Activity Center Auditorium from 4-4:50 PM.


Christine Hoskins, Club member and Professional Dance Instructor, will guide participants. Foxtrot and Rumba will be the styles for this class. A bronze level pattern will be selected depending on class ability. Participants should be comfortable with basic steps in Foxtrot and Rumba.


We require a firm commitment to register for class via email response or phone call. The cost for this class offering shall be determined by class size. A minimum of 4 couples at a maximum cost of $45 per couple is required. The cost will be based upon the number of registrants. The cost for 10 or more couples would be $18 per couple. Responses for this class will be taken through Monday, June 14, 2021. Participants will be notified of final cost on 6/15. Payment will be due at the first session.